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Wow, that was a long day! Today we filmed the GenAlpha campaign video with the help of our friends from Bake Agency and 12 of the GenAlpha kids!! We don’t want to give away too much but can tell you it was great fun and we had a blast.

The kids were absolutely awesome. None of them had acted in front of a camera before! Of course, there was a bit of nervousness but that faded away quickly. We started setting up the studio early in the morning. Jamie and Lars focused on the technical and studio side of things and our team Jenia and Yudit started preparing what would later become the mask, hairstyle and dress-up room.

We filmed two scenes with each of the kids. We set up a scene for a “Future World Summit” with a real rostrum and fake microphones and the kids acted as famous speakers. People who have something to say about the future of education, technology, business and more. Everything related to the kids future. We won’t tell you which famous people but you’ll soon see.

Watch this space.

We will now focus on the editing of the material and release the video in early February.

Thanks again to all participants for making this such a fun day!