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Welcome to the future skills and competencies directory. You can find providers and events for future related domains/skills/areas of interest all over Australia. We are currently working on expanding it worldwide. An advanced search function ⚙️ is there to help you narrow your search and find the exact provider or event you are looking for. We will soon add additional functionality such as map search, favourites and personalised email reminders.
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    Aerobotics Global

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    All Arts Academy

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    Art & Co

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    Artest Art School

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    Australian Museum

    • image-175

    Australian National Maritime Museum

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    Big Wild Imagination

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    Business Camp Academy

    • image-146

    Champions Academy

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    Code Camp

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    Code like a girl

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    Code Mechanics

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    Code Space

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    Coder Academy

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    Coding Kids

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    Coding Workshops for Kids

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    Confident kids and teens

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    Creating Science

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    Creative write it

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    Creativity Unlimited

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    Culture At Work

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    Fizziks Education

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    Flying Fox Studios

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    Future Fit Families

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    GenAlpha Project

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    Helen O’Grady

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    Hudson Street Hum

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    If u like ART

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    Innovate Tech Academy

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    Junior Engineers

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    Junior Science Academy Macquarie University

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    KidsCo Australia

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    Little Ginger Studio

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    Live Love Learn

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    MSchool Master Science

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    Museum of Contemporary Art

    • image-182

    Museum of Sydney

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    National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)

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    National Science Week

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    Nexgen CODECAMP

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    Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew

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    Nutty Scientists

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    Peaceful Kids

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    PIEX Education

    • image-180

    Power House Museum