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We are very proud and even more excited.

What started as a small idea has very quickly grown into a movement! Our Generation Alpha tribe is not so small anymore! More and more families are signing up and we have received really positive feedback from various parents, supporting organisations and most importantly the kids! This is exactly why we are doing this.

More and more organisations are interested in working with us and interest from other states in Australia is growing. We are currently talking to people in Brisbane, Newcastle and Melbourne who want to help us launch The genAlpha Project in their cities! Watch this space.

A few other updates we would like to share with you:

Emails from The genAlpha Project Team
When you sign-up you should receive a welcome email from us. Some members told us that they did not receive any emails at all. Please check your spam/junk email folders in your email program. You should also receive regular updates about the events and blog entries such as this one.

Following the video announcement of our CFO (Chief Fun Officer) our first event in April (Meet the Innovators: Blockchain) was fully booked in 12 hrs and the waiting list is filling up. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a place this time. We are planning to repeat the event and our other events are being confirmed as we type this.
As you know, this is our pilot year and we need to agree timing and sponsorship for each individual event to keep the events free for everyone.
The big year-end party is also in the making and we are currently looking at a number of locations for the event.

Facebook and LinkedIn
We are posting daily updates about the Generation Alpha, news about all of our domains and other relevant topics on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Follow us and help us spread the news.

Next steps
2018 is all about growing the genAlpha Project movement and successfully run all our events for the kids! Success for us means that all kids have fun at the events and get inspired by the people, organisations and domains we work with. The more families join the movement the easier it is for us to attract sponsorship, run more events and give access to more and more kids!

As always, if you have feedback, are interested in volunteering or just want to have a chat contact us anytime!

Your GenAlpha Team