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Since we started The genAlpha Project we have been talking to numerous people and so far everyone just simply thinks it is a great idea to take the kids to organisations and let them experience new technologies and latest innovations.

We have already managed find companies that are interested in opening up their premises and showing the kids around and even let them experience first-hand some of their processes and show them the work they do.

We are now putting everything into a big timetable and working hard on a website so parents can soon sign up for The genAlpha Project. For 2018 we will probably limit the total number of children to 200 so we can accommodate everyone at one of the events.

We are also thinking to host a year-end party for all genAlpha kids to come together for some big fun and meet some of the great people and organisations we work with.

We are super excited to let you know that we now have 12! Ambassadors who are experts in their own right supporting the idea of The genAlpha Project and helping us with their relationships to approach more organisations to host events and other initiatives. Apart from the domain experience all of our ambassadors have an interest in sharing their knowledge and inspire children to become future innovators, entrepreneurs, idea generators and out of the box thinkers to make the world a better place.

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