Coming of age in unprecedented times of change and rapid technological advancement, most Generation Alpha kids (born >2010) currently populate our primary schools. The oldest will move through the teen years to reach adulthood over the next decade. They face a future of work that will be remarkably different as some jobs disappear entirely and new jobs emerge.Schools globally are entirely out of their depth, continuing to teach the kids based on a 19th-century model, and we see little evidence of them equipping our kids with 21st-century skills.Generation Alphas are looking to parents and leaders for guidance. Parents need to give Generation Alpha confidence, as many young kids face insecurities and mental health issues about an uncertain future constantly being painted for them.As we look to the future and the decade ahead, the kids need to be equipped with the skills and competencies that will enable them to thrive in this era of change. How we prepare this generation will be different to how it has been done in the past.The GenAlpha Foundation was launched in Sydney, Australia in 2016 as a not-for-profit organisation. We are working globally with corporate sponsors to deliver projects in support of the above mission.If you are a parent or a corporate leader and want to know more reach out to our founder.