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We inspire kids to become future innovators and change makers.

We are building a global tribe of like-minded people to get our kids ready for the future.

We want to spark their and your interest in future relevant domains and help develop future skills & competencies.

We do this for you - kids, parents and educators! 


What we do

Company Visits & Workshops


We run events and workshops with organisations that operate in domains that play a significant role in our future world. Kids and parents get hands-on access to new or emerging technologies, services or products.  

Online Learning Platform


We provide easy to understand short courses, entirely online, across the world, covering all of the GenAlpha domains. Courses are for kids and adults alike and you can participate from the comfort of your home whenever you have time. 

Live Expert Webcasts 


Anyone can join our regular webcasts from anywhere in the world and hear what different experts have to say about a range of GenAlpha relevant topics. We invite a different experts and you can even ask questions.

Future Skills Provider Directory


The GenAlpha Project can only do so much to help kids to get ready for the future. As much as we want we may not be in your country yet. Fear not our global directory gives you access to STEM and similar providers in your area. 


Latest Blog

The new GenAlpha Events & Provider Directory is here!

We are super excited and extremely proud to let you know that as of today, you can access our "future skills" Provider and Events directory! Right in time for the

Video: Let’s raise kids to become entrepreneurs

GenAlpha started from an idea that also included entrepreneurship. We never approached this in a way to drive kids to become successful entrepreneurs at the age of 7. It is

Video: Do schools kill creativity?

This is the famous TED talk on education by Sir Ken Robinson. If you haven't watched it yet have a look. With nearly 57 million views this is the most

Join us! Webcast for kids and parents: Fake or Real – How to tell the difference between real or fake news?

This live webcast is for kids and parents and is hosted by our Chief Fun Officer Luka (7 years old) and our Chief Inspirer (a bit older). We all get

Video: How to prepare your kids for the future?

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing a number of short videos with you that cover the future of work, future of education and more importantly answer some

The future of education is changing

Educational outcomes will become more predictable The writing is on the wall. Education providers will have to change their approach to how they deliver content and personalise the learning experience.

Most Likely To Succeed

21st-century skills, education revolution and the future of work. Everything we support here at GenAlpha HQ. “Most Likely To Succeed” is a thought-provoking documentary feature film that reveals the growing

Future World Summit

A few weeks ago in December, the GenAlpha Project team filmed the inaugural "Future World Summit". The FWS is a "one of a kind" event where a number of highly

We are online again!!

Whoop, whoop! We are back. With a brand new website and tons of additional functionalities. We love it but that's not what counts. It is all about you! What do

Working on our new website

2018 was an amazing year for us and what started as a small idea has been met with so much acceptance that we decided to continue with the GenAlpha Project.

What a day!

Wow, that was a long day! Today we filmed the GenAlpha campaign video with the help of our friends from Bake Agency and 12 of the GenAlpha kids!! We don't

We are Media Partner of Learnit!

We are very proud to be supporting Learnit - Change the World through Education, as media partner. The Learnit community is inclusive, disruptive, bold and brave. It encompasses the entire

Exciting times

We are very proud and even more excited. What started as a small idea has very quickly grown into a movement! Our Generation Alpha tribe is not so small anymore!

Generation Alpha kids want to end global wars, eradicate world hunger and spread happiness

A few days ago Viacom released their latest global research study, KIDS OF THE WORLD. The researchers spoke to 6,000 kids aged 6-11 from 30 countries, along with in-depth video

Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully!

We just wanted to share this with you because we think it is totally cool and absolutely relevant for all kids and parents involved in The genAlpha Project! Today Elon

We have got news!

Looks like The genAlpha Project is a really good idea! Judging by the current rate of registrations we will reach the 200 kids target in no time. We'll soon update

Check out the Kid President

A happy New Year to all of you! 2018 the year for The genAlpha Project! We love to share this TED video with you. A pep talk by fellow genAlpha

Ambassadors and more…

Since we started The genAlpha Project we have been talking to numerous people and so far everyone just simply thinks it is a great idea to take the kids to


Why should you join us?


It's fun and inspiring

Exploring and participating in “real” grown-up stuff excites kids and stimulates their development, their thinking, and gives them confidence.


21st century skills

Critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity are important skills kids need in their future lives and jobs.


Kids, Parents, Industry and Education Providers

To prepare our kids for the future of work parents, industry and education providers need to work closer together. We aim to bridge the current gap.


Parents Learning

With our easy to understand online courses and regular webcasts parents and educators can brush up their own future skills. You’ll be amazed at how your kids will appreciate your knowledge 🙂

What a great day we all had learning about Blockchain. I was so impressed with the engagement of the kids and have to say I certainly learned several things about Blockchain from the parents presentation. Looking forward to the next event!

Carolyn Birchill

My daughter loved it and I learned something new. Good concept, very impressed.

Anthony Lister

Hi Genalpha team, a big thanks from us for making it possible for the kids to come together. We love what you do, keep up the great work!

Mary Hammond


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